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Kilt Sizing

Tips To Do Proper

Kilt Sizing



Have someone measure you. It is impossible to do accurate measurements on yourself.

While you are being measured, stand up straight, with your head up and looking straight ahead of you. Your feet should be together and you should stand naturally, neither stretching upwards or slouching.

Do NOT try to suck in your stomach. The fit should fit you perfectly as you normally are, and standing holding your stomach in is not the norm.

While the measurements are being taken, you should wear clothing that is not bulky, which can add an inch or more to the measurements!

Write down each measurement as you take it - do not try to remember two or three at a time. And measuring a second time is a very good precaution to take to ensure accuracy.

Whatever measurement unit you use, be consistent. If you use inches, then state all of the measurements in inches. The same is true if you use centimeters. Stick with one or the other.

Cloth tape measures are the best to use as they conform best to the body contours and give a more accurate reading.










Natural waist:

• Stand with your feet together and with your face forward.
• Bend sideways, either to your right or your left.
• You should feel the bottom of your rib cage and the top of your hip meet at the side of your body. Place your finger and hold it at this spot.
• Stand up straight again and measure around your waist at that point. 

The Fell Line: Hip measurement
Measure around your body at the widest part of your hip/seat area.


Kilt length measure
Ask someone to measure you from your natural waist to the TOP of your knee cap (not the middle of your knee).

The finished Kilt will be hemmed to one inch above the kneecap.


Pleat length
Measure from your natural waist to the bottom Fell line (the widest part of your seat area, where you took your hip measurement).


*NOTE :: A custom fit kilt is made to your exact measurements. The leather straps and buckles will allow moderate weight gain or loss. It is very important to follow the measurement instructions to insure your completed custom kilt fits you properly.



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