Highland Kilt Maker offers a variety of services for our clientele which includes: proper kilts for men, women, and children (kilts and kilties); Highland dance performance attire (kilts and jackets); garment repairs and tailored alterations. 


Fabric for traditional kilts are manufactured in tartan patterns, designed and named for specific families or clans. To have a kilt made in your specific clan pattern you should first search for your tartan design using the search capabilities of such partners as House of Edgar and Scotweb in Edinburgh, Scotland [ www.scotweb.co.uk ].  Other tartan search websites exist, but these two are our valued and trusted partners who use only wool spun from the finest mills in the world.

There is no real restriction so you can wear any tartan you wish, but there is something special and meaningful about wearing a kilt in the unique tartan that represents your specific clan. Tartan fabric purchases can be made directly by you or we can make the purchase for you once an order is placed for a kilt. A payment deposit will be required to cover the cost of the material and make the order active and placed into scheduled production.



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